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We support you through life's challenges & journey

We are a psychology and wellness practice focused on therapies

and counseling intervention for individuals surviving and thriving after trauma.


We strongly focus on closing health disparities in diagnosis of ADHD and Autism Spectrum disorder throughout the state of Georgia. We promote wellness programming nationally and internationally. 

At Perspectives

Our overall clinical vision is to provide virtual therapy therapies & hybrid assessments

for children 0-5, youth and adolescents, parents, adult women, and adults

with anxiety, depression, ADHD, Autism, and/or traumatic stress

across the state of Georgia

We Specialize In Helping You

Improve application of your skills and new coping strategies during life concerns that increase anxiety and depression and stress in Adult Women and Teen Girls in our in brief therapy program

Address trauma-related concerns for youth, children aged 0-5, and adults who have experienced current or past traumatic events

Assess diagnoses of ADHD, Learning Challenges, Developmental Delay, and Autism in children through psychological assessment

Communities engage in wellness practices and discussions on empowerment, thriving, and overcoming experiences of trauma 


We Do This In Two Ways

Clinical Services

Our clinical work focuses on executing the vision of creating, empowering, and engaging change agents in clinical settings. 

Each person who receives therapy from Perspectives has an opportunity to create change in their own lives.  These changes impact not just our patients, but their families and communities as well.


We are excited to provide diagnostic clarity and empowering recommendations through our psychological assessments. Our intention is to inform and clarify diagnoses and options for parents and adults to empower and advocate for their developmental needs within their communities.



Wellness Program

In 2022, we launched our Wellness Program Thrive. Thrive focuses on supporting and empowering health & wellness leaders and professionals in our communities and furthers our vision of empowering change agents, promoting engagement, and entrepreneurship, and reducing the stigmatization of mental health care. 

We are deeply passionate about promoting social justice through mental wellness and empowerment for all communities. Practically, we work with community organizations and provide wellness talks, empowerment programming, psychoeducational seminars, and support groups to compliment the changes that are actively working in our communities.



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What Our Patients and Partners Say

"My experience with the Perspectives staff has been nothing short of amazing."


They care about the children they work with. They've taken the time to lay down a foundation of trust and build a relationship with them.


This in turn has allowed them to evaluate what is happening with my children with more clarity and understanding. Our daughter continues to grow mentally has truly done a '180' compared to the way she was before she started therapy.

Parent of a Previous Perspectives Patient


Can You Relate To Any Of These?

“We went through a really difficult transition as a family, and now I notice that my teen is not sleeping and withdraws more than normal. When I ask about it, he says that nothing is bothering him, but I feel something is off.”

“I can’t seem to relax, and my thoughts are nonstop. Whenever I dream, I have these weird dreams and nightmares that someone is trying to hurt me. I know that I am safe, but I can’t shake the thought that something bad will happen, and I struggle to trust others.”


“I can’t seem to focus on work and nothing excites me anymore.
I know that I lost an important person in my life a year or so ago, 
but I should be over that by now.” 

“I have been working with the school to come up with strategies
to help my child focus and understand the material. It seems like nothing is working! I don’t know what to do next.”


“My daughter has had some speech issues and seems to 
have a hard time understanding and remembering instructions.
It really didn’t impact her before, but now that she is starting
school, I would like to know what steps we should take to help
set her up for success in the classroom.”


perspectives can help

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