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**due to Covid-19, we are currently offering hybrid virtual/in-office Psychological Assessment services and virtual telehealth sessions for therapeutic services.

New Patients

For new patients to our practice, please complete the Triage Form by clicking any New Patients box. You will then receive contact about an initial phone consult and placement with our staff.  

Also, we’ve gone paperless! After receiving your Consultation, you will be instructed to complete all forms through the secure Patient Portal. 


Current Patients

Current Perspectives patients, you can schedule a new appointment with us by contacting your clinician directly.

Potential Community Partners


We would love to chat with you about potential partnership opportunities.


Please complete our interest form to set up a consultation call where we can further discuss details and exchange information.

Access our partnership request form here

Register for an upcoming Virtual and Community Group

Social development and interaction is an important part of adolescents and preadolescents growth. But engaging socially during a pandemic is challenging!

Do you know a teen or tween with difficulty engaging socially during the pandemic? Follow us at on social media for upcoming programs

Our licensed counselors and licensed psychologist have developed an interactive virtual support group to engage in dialogue on balancing emotion, improving social skill, transitioning from virtual to in-person learning while navigating social relationships during these challenging times.


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The goal of Heal the Healer programs is to create fun, engaging, and meaningful ways to promote self-care, stress management, and restoration for our leaders and healers in the community.


The Escape Room edition of the Heal the Healer prograam is a 6-week workshop focused on wellness in a fun, safe manner. The workshop is led by a licensed psychologist and licensed clinicians dedicated to creating unique spaces for your voices to be heard, hearts to be healed, bodies to be restored, and souls to be fed.

This program is an collaboration with Eagles Economic Community Development Corporation of Union City, Georgia. 

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