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Early Identification Roadmap

We've identified a gap between clinical diagnosis and resources. Our early identification roadmap assessment is the solution.

Lakisha Wilkins, MA, Ed.S

Educational Psychology Psychometry Lead

Greetings and Welcome to my page!  


I have been a certified school psychologist for more than ten years. Working in public schools and in private practice, I have realized that there is a dire need for a report that "bridges" both sectors to support students.  Typically, parents obtain a psychological evaluation from a private practice with a medical diagnosis, shares the report with their child's public school, and the public school almost always requires extensive additional testing be completed to deem the child eligible for special education services.  This process could take anywhere from a few weeks to half of the school year depending on the complexity of the case, data to be collected, and the staffing.   


What if there was a way to streamline and expedite this process and obtain a report from a private practice that requires minimal, if at all, additional testing to be completed by the public school?  


THERE IS A WAY! ….And that way is with an Early Identification Roadmap Assessment! This groundbreaking assessment is the FIRST of its kind.  It is an assessment report, in which I would complete most, or all, of the assessments that your child's school would do in nearly half the time!  Gone are the days of waiting countless weeks or even months for an evaluation when you can have one today! 


As a school psychologist, I specialize in the clinical and psychoeducational assessment of children ages 2-21 in terms of challenges related to ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, dyslexia, anxiety, depression, intellectual disabilities, developmental disabilities, bilingual learning difficulties, and executive functioning.  In addition to completing these groundbreaking assessments, I also provide knowledge and support to families as they navigate the educational system to meet their child's unique needs.  This includes but is not limited to: reviewing and providing input on psychoeducational evaluations completed in the public school setting, IEPs, and 504 Accommodation Plans.   


Have questions about Dyslexia? 


Have questions about ADHD and executive functioning? 


Have questions about special education and/or Individualized Education Plans(IEPs)?  

Need in-school behavioral observations or school liaison support?


Have questions about accommodations for statewide assessments (I.e. PSATs)?  


You are in the right place!!!! 


Click on the link below to schedule a 15-minute COMPLIMENTARY consultation with me to get started!   

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